12 January 2008

Grey Skies and Night

LUND--The local paper's weather section read that in December there had been EIGHT HOURS of sunshine. This somehow came as no surprise and January has been little different. There probably has been a little more sunlight but it all comes in the morning and can be gone by the time you look out the window, see that there are blue skies, throw on your boots and parka and walk down two flights of stairs.

Yesterday, there was no sunshine at all but we decided on a little adventure anyway. I have always been fascinated by the edges of places, the periphery, borders, farthest points and little visited places on the edges of maps. I am fully aware that there is usually nothing in these places but I find a certain satori in the physical mapping of land beneath my own two feet, to trace the edges of a land by foot.

We set out from Lund in the car bound for the southernmost tip of Sweden in the town of Smygehamn. We drove through small villages on back roads, villages not unlike rural Midwestern communities although possessed of fewer churches. Skåne is much like Ohio, as I have written before, meandering country roads and small towns surrounded by farms. Each small town even seems to have one house on the outskirts whose yard is littered with junked cars, cannibalized farm equipment and other detritus of human living. A slow rain fell from the uniform grey skies and the closer we got to Smygehamn and the actual point at Smygehuk, the stronger was the wind.

The village was a small, seaside town filled with artisan shops and closed restaraunts, shuttered hotels and campgrounds that in summer are undoubtedly full of life but in this season show their age and wear. At the point there is a monument and a small harbor and a snack shop that didn't advertise itself as the last chance for a herring burger before Germany and Poland. It was obviously not run by an American who would have been unable to resist a "Southernmost Snack Shoppe" sign.

We walked to the point and there is the obligatory monument. This one told us in granite that Moscow and Paris are as far away, more or less, as the farthest point North. At the far tip of Sweden in January the waves roll in and it is grey. There is no color. The sea is grey and the land is grey. The grass is grey; the sky and clouds are grey. The docks and boats are grey. Only the caps on the waves are not grey. They are white. Near the point there is a sculpture near an old lime-kiln. It is the masts of a ship coming out of the ground. It is grey as well.

You can feel the weight of the long phallic forested rock of Sweden leaning on top of you. Or maybe you can't. But you can feel that North is only forest and rock and cold, cold lakes and down there, down across that grey, flat water is land worth conquering, invading, pillaging. No reason to come here. We shall go there.

I crawled through the old lime-kiln, into its heart where the fire once was, and thought how cold it had become. We met in the middle and for a moment it was not so cold. We crawled out and walked down the beach and I found that some of the rocks had smooth holes drilled though them by time. I took a lot of photos and then found that the Summicron lens of my Leica had a fine beading of water over it. I haven't seen the film yet but I am expecting an unexpected soft focus.

We left there and drove to Ystad. On the way we stopped at an ancient stone rectangle. Yes, rectangle, not circle. And a very nice rectangle it was. Grey.


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This article is about the color. For other uses, see Grey (disambiguation) and Gray (disambiguation).
"Achromatic" redirects here. For other uses, see Achromatic (disambiguation).
— Color coordinates —
Hex triplet #808080
sRGBB (r, g, b) (128, 128, 128)
Source HTML/CSS[1]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Grey or gray (see spelling differences) describes any shade between black and white. Collectively, white, black, and the range of greys between them are known as achromatic colors or neutral colors. Greys are seen commonly in nature and fashion. Grey paints can be created by mixing complementary colors (that is colors directly opposite on the color wheel, e.g. yellow and violet). In the RGB color model used by computer displays, it is created by mixing equal amounts of red, green, and blue light. Images which consist wholly of neutral colors are called monochrome, black-and-white or greyscale.

Contents [hide]
1 Grey in color theory
2 Web colors
3 Color coordinates
4 Grey/Gray in human culture
5 References
6 See also
7 External links

[edit] Grey in color theory
Most grey pigments have a cool or warm cast to them, as the human eye can also detect even a minute amount of saturation.[citation needed] Yellow, orange and red will create a "warm grey". Green, blue, or purple, will create a "cool grey".[2] When no cast at all, it is referred to as "neutral grey" or simply "grey".

Mixed with 6% yellow. Mixed with 6% blue.

Two colors are called complementary colors if grey is produced when two colors are combined. Grey is its own complement. Consequently, grey remains grey when its color spectrum is inverted, and therefore has no opposite, or alternately is its own opposite.

Artists sometimes use the two different spellings to distinguish between strict combinations of black and white versus combinations that do have elements of hue.[citation needed]

[edit] Web colors
There are several shades of grey available for use with HTML and CSS in word form, while there are 254 true greys available through Hex triplet. All are spelled with an a: using the e spelling can cause unexpected errors with outdated browsers (this discrepancy was inherited from the X11 color list). The three "slategray" colors are not themselves on the greyscale, but are slightly saturated towards cyan (green + blue). Note that since there are an even (256, including black and white) number of unsaturated shades of grey, there are actually two grey tones straddling the midpoint in the 8-bit grayscale. Both color names, "gray" and "grey", have been assigned the lighter of the two shades (128 also known as #808080), due to rounding up.

HTML Color Name Sample Hex triplet
(rendered by name) (rendered by hex triplet)
lightgray #D3D3D3
gray #808080
darkgray #A9A9A9
dimgray #696969
lightslategray #778899
slategray #708090
darkslategray #2F4F4F

[edit] Color coordinates
Grey values result when r = g = b, for the color (r, g, b)
Grey values are produced by c = m = y = 0, for the color (c, m, y, k). Lightness is adjusted by varying k. In theory, any mixture where c = m = y is neutral, but in practice such mixtures are often a muddy brown (see CMYK#Why black ink is used).
Greys result whenever s is 0 or undefined, as is the case when v is 0 or l is 0 or 1

[edit] Grey/Gray in human culture
Caffeinated Drinks

Earl Grey tea is a popular caffeinated drink, often served at tea time.

Greys has been used pejoritavely by environmentalists to describe technophiles as being those who like granite, concrete and other city materials, as opposed to using the term "greens" to describe those in favor of environmentalism.

In a moral sense grey is either used
pejoratively to describe situations that have no clear moral value, or
positively to balance an all-black or all-white view (for example, shades of grey = magnitudes of good/bad).

In folklore, grey is often associated with goblin folk of several kinds. Scandinavian folklore often depicts their gnomes and nisser in grey clothing. This is partly because of their association with dusk, partly because these races, including elves (see below), often are outside moral standards (black or white).

The color grey is sometimes worn by members of the infamous Crip gang

Whilst the hair actually becomes white as one ages, it is often misinterpreted as grey (white next to others colors looking comparatively darker), and hence grey is associated with the elderly, and has inspired the name of the Gray Panthers and expressions such as Grey pound.
Hence the inspiration for the song "The Old Gray Mare", and punning reference such as the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the double-play-on-words title The Old Grey Hare.

The "Grey Lady" is the nickname of the New York Times
Literature / Film / Music

In J. R. R. Tolkien's works:
Gandalf is called the Grey Pilgrim.
The Grey Havens
The Grey Elves
Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains. Tolkien chose the color grey from folklore tradition mentioned above.
The Noldor and the Dúnedain typically have grey eyes.
In Michael Ende's Momo, the men in grey are malicious spirits who prey on people's time and trick them into "saving" it.
In Don DeLillo's 1985 novel White Noise, the inventor of Dylar is at first only referred to as Mr. Gray.
In The T*Witches series, those of magical power are described as having grey eyes.
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are two seminal sword-and-sorcery fantasy heroes created by Fritz Leiber.
A purposely nonsensical line in Paul Simon's song "I Do It For Your Love": "We were married / On a rainy day / The sky was yellow / And the grass was gray."
Gray Lady Down, an action film about a stranded submarine.
The Brenin Llwyd, the eponymous antagonist of The Grey King, by Susan Cooper.
Rand al'Thor of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time is described as having grey eyes
The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

A song from The Kinks Muswell Hillbillies album is titled Here Come the People in Grey.

Grey was the color of the Confederate Army uniforms in the American Civil War, a war sometimes called "The Blue and the Grey".
Naval camouflage using shades of grey were employed during the World Wars because of advances in Naval Warfare.
Feldgrau (field grey) was a common color of Wehrmacht uniforms.
Urban camouflage is composed of patches of shades of grey, while woodland camouflage uses ranges of brown and green.

Grey goo refers to a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all living matter on Earth while building more of themselves (a scenario known as ecophagy). [3]
Nazi Germany

Martin Bormann was called the grey eminence (a phrase which originated as a description of François Leclerc du Tremblay, the French monk who served as advisor to Cardinal de Richelieu) because as the executive secretary to Adolf Hitler, he amassed great power behind the scene due to the fact that he was the one who controlled access to the Führer. [4]

The substance that composes the brain is referred to as "grey matter", and for that reason the color is associated with things intellectual.

It has been asserted that those who are suffering from the mental illness of depression have grey auras. [5]

A "grey person" is someone who goes unnoticed, a wallflower.

The color grey represents pessimism whereas its opposite, optimism, is represented by the color rose.
A concept that is in a Grey area is a concept about which one is unsure what category in which to place it.

In the Christian religion, grey is the color of ashes, and therefore a biblical symbol of mourning and repentance, described as sackcloth and ashes. It can be used during Lent or on special days of fasting and prayer.

In the bandana code of the gay leather subculture, wearing a grey bandana means that one is into the fetish of bondage.
In gay slang, a grey queen is a gay person who works for the financial services industry (this term originates from the fact that in the 1950s, people who worked in this profession often wore grey flannel suits).[6]

Grey symbolizes mediocrity, the background noise of society.

Grey noise is random noise subjected to a psychoacoustic equal loudness curve (such as an inverted A-weighting curve) over a given range of frequencies, giving the listener the perception that it is equally loud at all frequencies.

There was once an American football bowl game featuring a northern squad vs. a southern squad, and known as the Blue-Gray Game.
Grey Cup, emblematic of the championship of the Canadian Football League, so named not because it has not been polished for a while, but for its donor, Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey.

The Grey Council consists of the nine leaders of the Minbari in the Babylon 5 universe.
Grey's Anatomy is a popular drama tv series. The name suggests that the show might be more factual than it is in reality.

Tiny grey aliens, with large, tear-shaped black eyes are referred to as "little greys" in popular UFO conspiracy theories and in science-fiction.

[edit] References
^ W3C TR CSS3 Color Module, HTML4 color keywords
^ [1]
^ Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (June 9, 2004). "Leading nanotech experts put 'grey goo' in perspective". Press release. Retrieved on 2006-06-17.
^ Martin Bormann—The Grey Eminence:
^ Arthur E. Powell The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomenon Wheaton, Illinois:1927—Theosophical Publishing House Page 12
^ Rodgers, Bruce Gay Talk (The Queen’s Vernacular): A Dictionary of Gay Slang New York:1972 Paragon Books, an imprint of G.P. Putnam’s Sons Page 99

[edit] See also
List of colors
Payne's grey
Davy's grey
Black and White Photography

[edit] External links
Three computational biologists’ theory to explain how humans perceive achromatic colors:
Chart showing a comparison of the achromatic (grey scale) values of the colors on the RYB and RGB color wheels, respectively (the chart is halfway down the webpage):
[show] v • d • e Web colors
black gray silver white red maroon purple fuchsia green lime olive yellow gold orange blue navy teal aqua

[hide] v • d • e Shades of grey
Grey Arsenic Bistre Black Charcoal Davy's grey Feldgrau Liver Payne's grey Seal brown

Silver Slate grey Taupe Purple taupe Medium taupe Taupe grey Pale taupe White

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2:15 PM  
Anonymous E.O.T. said...

The facinating linguistic element here is that this ubiquitiuos monochromatic friend could be spelled : gray or grey , and still have the same meaning . Personaly , i also prefer the softer look of the e . It reminds of the femine aspect of the color , the watery and mysterious drifting of airy whisps, that touch the lobe of ones ear like the soft caress of parting lips . The e also appleals to my sense of the infinte , it reaches out to the possibity of endless variation. I suppose in the end you choose grey because you liked the way it looked on the page , or perhaps as well you see the mystery ?


Endo Ftime

p.s I hope you will excuse my earlier refrence to wiki , it was kind of an expierement.


2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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