27 May 2008

New Adventures

LUND--I will be in Ukraine in a few weeks. My information on the project is still a little hazy but I have the following, sent from the SARA group: "We will be "headquartered" in Nagydobryn (Velekidobryn), will certainly go to Mukachevo (Munkacs) and probably Uzhgorad (Ungvar) plus a miriad of small villages".

It is strange to think of the twists and turns of life. It is true that I had never forgotten Lena after meeting her all those years ago in Honduras. My heart, I suppose, always held out some hope that we might meet again and, in my obsession with packing I had often imagined what I would take were I ever to go see her in Sweden and what I would wear there and when I got off the plane to see her. I once had a pair of pants I thought would be perfect and was inordinately upset when, during the Ohio winter, I slipped on the ice and tore them at the knee. That being said I can't, in all honesty, as much as the die-hard Romantic in me would like to, say that, "Yes, I always knew I would be here. I always knew we would meet again and that our last kiss in Honduras was only the last for a while." But I did hope and was ready to take the chance were it to ever--and when it did--present itself.

But two years ago, more or less, I did not think that in two years I would be living in Sweden, finished with a documentary film on El Salvador, and off soon to places with names like Nagydobryn, Mukachevo and Uzgorad to film another. I did know I needed a break from Central America, that I had been there too much, too often, and that I either needed to spend time elsewhere or I needed to commit to a long term presence there. Ultimately, however, I needed a break from those lands. I was not liking what in fact I loved. I was not seeing there with the clarity I wanted to and that, I felt, was both shortsighted and potentially dangerous.

I hope, very much, to return to Central America. I would like to make another, more intimate portrait of the lives of the curileros of El Espino for one thing. After my second trip I traveled home overland from Honduras to Ohio. I want to go the other way now. I want to photograph the scenes underwater off Utila and to travel through the rarely visited central highlands of Honduras as well into Olancho and the Mosquitia. I want to climb more mountains in Guatemala, visit the islands of Lake Nicaragua and many more things beside.

But now I want to head south from Sweden, not Ohio, head south and east into the old Carpathian mountains and the plains of Ukraine, to use my cameras to tell stories about places new to me. And then, perhaps, when I am ready, I can return to Meso America with a fresh eye and a refreshed spirit and see the beauty there all anew.


Blogger Lena said...

If you treat life right, it often treats you right back.
You made the decision to come to Sweden and since you are a good man I fell in love. You suggested to SARA that you'd go with them to Ukraine and since you'd been good to them in El Salvador they thought it was a good idea.

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