18 March 2009

Simon Klose (and my photo of him) in "Wired" magazine

LUND--Lena's talented cousin Simon Klose is a filmmaker based out of nearby Malmö. He has, for some time, been making a documentary about the Pirate Bay owners (who are Swedes) and was recently in Stockholm to film their trial which may have far-reaching implications for the future of Internet file sharing and the definitions of piracy. While there he met a writer for Wired magazine who was also covering the trial and who decided to do an article on Simon as well.

A few months ago Simon had purchased an adaptor for his Panasonic DVX100 with which he could use Nikon SLR lenses. He borrowed a few from me and I took several photos of him with his new gadget. Wired ran one of my photos with the article (not the one above). So check out the article and the photo.


Anonymous Samantha Hunt said...

Hey! I'm a journalist for two publications. I'm writing an article on Simon Klose currently, and I'd like to use your photo. I'm going to go ahead and wager a guess that is ok, so I'm crediting you in the article, however if you want it pulled let me know. I didn't have an e-mail address to get in touch with you. Feel free to write me if you need me to pull it, or to just say "Yea" have at it.
Love your work, and appreciate it.


9:25 PM  
Anonymous TheButcher said...

That is damn great stuff. I will make sure I get a copy of it, I think we get it at work

8:23 AM  
Blogger Steffe said...

It will be an interesting movie to watch this.

4:40 AM  

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