26 July 2009

Vineyard Job Movies

WOOSTER--I am ideally qualified for this job. But I didn't get it. Here are the videos I made. I had help from a lot of people and the music in mine is original from Jeremy Hartzler and Matt Yanock. We got our casts and found the locations, shot the cut outs and the second car team stuff. We all learned a lot.


Blogger Here, In My Head said...

It does appear by dear Andrew, that you don't have your own blog feature posted on here...

So I will share. At the following link is a "giveaway" (a wonderful marketing ploy to get more people to get to Andrew's photography) and thus far it is doing quite well. Many, many people have commented how much they LOVE his photography.

So, even though most of us have some sort of access to view Andrew's great work as often as we desire, perhaps you know people who don't...

SO, the blog contest is located at: http://theboutiquebloggiveaway.blogspot.com

Please feel free to check it out, send the link to whom you choose, etc etc etc...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

vegna ekki:)

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