02 March 2008

The Children of the Mangroves Slideshow

I am working on a documentary film for the S.A.R.A. (Sharing America's Resources Abroad) Project. This slideshow, made in IMovie, is both a preliminary exploration of the material and structure of the film as well as a stand-by-itself piece.


Anonymous that girl said...

I liked how the transition between pictures that were "in the water" almost created the feeling one gets when on a boat.
This is one of my favorite series of photographs that you have taken. I love those mangroves, the black and whites almost make my heart stop... The color ones of the children are incredibly vivid.
Like I wrote before, lovely.

What prompted you to choose the music you did, who is it by?

7:34 PM  
Anonymous talytr said...

That was really quite stunning, the visual narrative conveyed an other-worldiness and a sort of indomitable fragility. One questions even the need to share resources with these survivors, but yet...mother culture says drink at the altar of security.

Perhaps the offering of culture should come with a surgeon general's warning: Warning, this culture has been proven to be extremely hazardous to the environment... users may forego freedom for the security of overly full bellies, senses dulled by drugs, and a predilection for disassociative behavior... use with caution. Accompanied, of course, by a skull and cross bones.

Should the sharing of resources start with learning to avail ourself of others' cultural resources and if ours is still found to be superior after, say, 100 years we revert?

Congrats on creating it, hopefully soon, we'll see a dozen more.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous talytr said...

Forgive me, I meant dissociative behavior...in the corner curled in the fetal position, over-whelmed and rocking. Perhaps, too, with the thumb in the mouth.

1:45 PM  
Blogger sharonforapurpose said...

Andrew the music and children working in the mangrove for survival brought back memories of my Mission trip to El Salvador. That is when I seen the country that looked like paradise but the living conditions said otherwise. The childrens eyes seemed to be pleading for help. Your film captured those moments and brought back memories for me. It even brought tears, I just hope it will move others to use whatever resources, skills or talents they have to spring to action to help this 3rd world country. I have been told that El Salvador is the poorest of all 3rd world countries yet it is only the size of the state of Massachusettes, so if we work together we could make a noticable difference in that country in no time at all. When I went to El Salvador Bishop Gomez of El Salvador told our group that by us being there trying to help we were "Building Bridges not Walls" Why not build your bridge with El Salvador. They are really nice people. We are all Gods people. Great job on capturing what I experienced Andrew.

7:42 PM  

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